I'm about to ruin everything. You're at home sleeping looking just perfect. Why do I even deserve you? But I like my women eclectic. Maybe I should wake you up… But...I mean, you had a long day.

I'm with her and she walks towards me whispering in my ear, "I cannot wait to get you to myself, Floor 3 please." As I hit the floor I remember you saying… I'm a renaissance man, but tonight I'm selfish. Your dreams are probably perfectly crafted. This girl here frame is perfectly figured.

Quick stop at floor two, she inches closer as if she wasn't close enough, you roll over to get more comfortable, wrapped in my clutter and collage of junk. All I can think about is how long this elevator takes to get to floor 3. I mean.. Quick glances of you sleep but my 3rd eye is hoping for wisdom.

3rd floor. Finally!

My phone vibrates, damn did my homies get home safely? The shaft opens and I look at the text, it reads "hey babe, I had a bad dream, are you awake?" Fuck.. All I wanted to do was the word before this sentence. We get to her front door, she opens it. "What's wrong?" Sexiest got damn voice in the world.

Shit! Why am I even here... "Uhhhh....."

She rolls over and heads to the bathroom and asks, "What do you want to eat for breakfast?" A T-bone steak, cheese eggs and a glass of Florida. Make the eggs like you always do.