It was the annual film awards. This year I was awarded Best screenwriting. Afterwards commenced the party. A crowded avant-garde room filled with wonderful talent and beautiful faces. I gathered by the bar discussing the importance of honesty in life and work., and there she was. I saw her and she saw me. She strolled through the crowd making the room her own. I excused myself from conversation and walked towards her. My eyes focused on nothing else but her large beautiful green eyes. The closer I got the more I felt her retreating. Her body remained but soul fleeting. Floating away reconnecting with our past. Her grin slowly fainted with much effort to remain. She was one to protect her emotions, fortified below a thin underlying veneer. I attempt at passing a smile to assist with the damaged force between us. But her attention was stolen by another. Pausing in my tracks. I observe __ unraveling. She seemed to have found another. I’m interrupted by congratulatory conversation. When I’m losing grip on the real trophy. 

5 years later and I’ve let her slip away. Being under the same roof, only tells the tale of “if it’s meant to be, its meant to be.” 

Tonight I might change my life, all for you.

Weaving through hugs and kisses in search of.

“Simon”. My name resonates from behind.

“Simon... hey... where are you going?” Familiarity breeds excitement.

I turn around to the gorgeous simple face of my wife. It wasn’t her.