We Will Rise.


July 8th, 2016

Re-occurring events full of pain and screams
Knowledgeable to those who walk the line
Educating most who will always be fine.
We are angry & we are afraid
Knowing that justice will never come to our aid
But my black brothers we need to stay strong
For our unity and fight has kept us here all along
Dr.King, Malcom X, Hampton and more
Gave us insight to what the system had in store
More deaths from the hands of officers meant to protect us
Instead demoralize, fear, hate, and hunt us.
For we have done no wrong but live the life we were given
But are forced to remember and feel the lashes from the whippings.
For all we want is equality in justice
To be seen as equal but instead they arrest us.
Kick us down, beat us to a pummel
But keep fighting my black brothers, I know it's a struggle.
An eye for an eye may seem right
But an eye for an eye will turn the entire nation blind
For as it is what it may seem
Ignorance and wearing a badge is no far from in between.
But my black brothers and sisters we will rise
And we will do it now to prevent seeing the next generation with the same cries
We have to act before it's too late
Because that could be you or your family members wake
We are strong, courageous, intelligent young brothers and sisters
Support one another and remember to remain persistent
Love one another and keep each others head high
For as long as we are here
Black brothers and sisters
We will rise.

One love.